Automate your engineering process within weeks

‘The luxury of having a tool that takes over 80% of the work, quickly becomes your standard.’

Jaap Wierenga Lead Engineer Waterbouw at Heijmans Infra

‘We successfully used VIKTOR to parametricly design the substructure of the pillars of the Theemswegtracé.’

Stefan Schoenmakers Design Lead at Wagemaker

How Viktor works

Make your process integrated and automated

Viktor integrates with your software and innovates your engineering department while keeping operational and proven processes in place.

Centralise your data

Viktor is also setting up a database and structuring your data. This makes sure that it is easy to link it to other data sources throughout your company or project process.

Build an infinity of projects, faster

1 week

6 weeks

12 weeks

16 weeks

Bosch Beton built a Viktor application to automate the sizing of their concrete structures by integrating sales and engineering knowledge.

Heijmans built a Viktor application to automate reinforcement design of concrete plates used in all kind of applications, integrating FEM software and reinforcement applications.

The city of Rotterdam built a Viktor application to integrate sensor data of steel objects to weather data, FEM calculations and prediction models.

See the case

De Groene Boog built a project specific parametric design application of the tunnel by integrating multiple structural FEM software applications and geotechnical calculations.

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