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Frequently Asked Questions

We already have BIM, what does VIKTOR add?

BIM is an information model with data but no calculations are made or designs are generated. BIM can be part of the process that is automated by VIKTOR, for example the start and end point for design data.

We already use Dynamo, Grasshopper or something similar. Does it benefit me then?

With VIKTOR we offer a web-based application in which various software packages can be easily integrated, including software packages such as Dynamo and Grasshopper. Because VIKTOR adds a web-based application, existing developments are activated in no time and made available online for other users. In this way VIKTOR manages to optimize processes much faster, more efficiently and more flexibly.

Our projects are so different in design, I doubt whether VIKTOR is suitable for this?

VIKTOR is developed for customized solutions. A unique design is also the result of a process in which various steps or calculations can be standardized to a large extent. It is a trade-off between flexibility and standardization that every company already makes. We also make this assessment when we design an application. Which steps can you perform in a standard method, so that the end result is achieved much better and faster? This way we find a unique solution every time.

Is VIKTOR a black box in which you do not know exactly what the system is doing?

VIKTOR gives experts the opportunity to gain insight into results such as relationships, sensitivities, relationships and dependencies. This way the process is completely transparent and controllable and you can increase the reliability and quality of your outcome. As a designer or engineer you have full influence on a better end product in a shorter time.

Which programs can be linked?

All calculation and drawing programs can be integrated into VIKTOR. The most common engineering software packages have been integrated several times.

Automate the boring.
Engineer the awesome!

VIKTOR makes it super easy to build applications tailored for engineering processes. With the VIKTOR Python package you are able to fully integrate and automate engineering and design processes. End-users will experience centralized operating of engineering software and data via a user-friendly interface.