Build your own automation software within weeks.

Key features

100% Python framework

To build professional online VIKTOR applications, no front-end or back-end knowledge is needed. Via our Python framework an engineer or software developers is able built customized online applications tailored to technical processes. It makes you able to develop and deploy an application in hours, days or weeks without having to have all the software knowledge in-house.

Structured and revision controlled data

Building a VIKTOR application is also setting up a database and structuring your data. This makes sure the it is easy to link it to other data sources throughout your company or project process. Revision control is a standard functionality, so you can track all changes by users, time and reasons.

Integrate with your software

Innovate your engineering department while keeping operational and proven processes in place. Connect your software and in-house applications. It makes your process integrated and automated. At the same time create a traceable process and standardize methods to gain quality and conformity with quality management requirements.

Control your knowledge

Using the VIKTOR platform makes you in full control over the distribution of your knowledge. A centralized development, with controlled and multiple developers, deploying applications for users around the world. It makes your knowledge, safe, accessible and a real asset.

Smart access

You can adjust user rights easily. Set rights for visibility of data and allow for making changes per user or user group. It makes your organization in full control and flexible in terms of access rights for users.

Algorithms & optimization

Built-in algorithms can be used to do multi-objective optimizations and multi-criteria analyses. Generate the right insights to take control over cost, planning, risk and logistics.

Integrate your existing engineering software to create a multi-discipline environment.

Drawing software

CAD programs are often important starting and ending points of the process . VIKTOR integrates CAD programs to retrieve geometric data or to generate drawings.

Calculation software

FEM and calculation packages for geotechnics and mechanical engineering are linked to VIKTOR and run in the background. Within VIKTOR users can manage the packages and analyze the results of multiple iterations.

Other software

Easily link other data sources like administration, ERP, accounting and planning software.

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Automate the boring.

Engineer the awesome!

VIKTOR makes it super easy to build applications tailored for engineering processes. With the VIKTOR Python package you are able to fully integrate and automate engineering and design processes. End-users will experience centralized operating of engineering software and data via a user-friendly front-end.