Business Analysis Guide

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With the understanding of the goal and purpose of engineering automation, it is time to perform an analysis that provides insight into the design/engineering processes within your company. The goal is to gain insight into how you can automate quickly, effectively and succesfully.

Which engineering processes take place inside the company? Where are the pains in these processes? Which processes are suitable for automation? And what are the gains of automation of these processes? You can read the answers to these questions and more in the Business Analysis Guide.


1. Introduction

2. Goal of the business analysis

3. Steps in the analysis

  • Map the engineering processes
  • Define pains
  • Point out easy wins
  • Outline gains
  • Completion

4. Deliverable

5. What’s next?

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Automate the boring.
Engineer the awesome!

VIKTOR makes it super easy to build applications tailored for engineering processes. With the VIKTOR Python package you are able to fully integrate and automate engineering and design processes. End-users will experience centralized operating of engineering software and data via a user-friendly interface.