Automated Engineering

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Automated Engineering offers many advantages in terms of speed, quality and costs. But how does Automated Engineering work exactly? Which processes can be automated? Can processes with existing drawing and calculation packages be automated at all? And how does parametric design fit into this? You can read the answer to these questions and more in the white paper.


1. Introduction

2. What is Automated Engineering?

3. When is Automated Engineering useful?

4. Steps to automate your engineering process

5. How to start with engineering automation

6. What does automation cost?

7. What exactly does VIKTOR do?

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Automate the boring.
Engineer the awesome!

VIKTOR makes it super easy to build applications tailored for engineering processes. With the VIKTOR Python package you are able to fully integrate and automate engineering and design processes. End-users will experience centralized operating of engineering software and data via a user-friendly interface.