Welcome to a new era of engineering

Engineering started the industrial revolution. Incredible inventions, like the steam engine, were designed and manufactured using just pencil and paper!Computers triggered the 2nd engineering revolution, when big mainframes could perform mathematical calculations to find midpoints, areas, centers of gravity, etc.
While computers’ processing speed advanced, so did the engineering software. The ability to create 3D animations and make simulations was a giant leap forward. We are now entering a new era – engineering 4.0. This age is characterised by (big) data, connected devices, Artificial Intelligence and automation.

VIKTOR is an online platform to develop applications that automate engineering processes. When using VIKTOR, all engineers in a team use the same single source of data. A change in the design triggers smart algorithms to automatically adjust all related disciplines in that design. This Automated Engineering process makes engineering teams incredibly more efficient while delivering better products. We are dedicated to deliver our clients the best and easiest to use Automated Engineering platform in the market.

Automate the boring.
Engineer the awesome!

VIKTOR makes it super easy to build applications tailored for engineering processes. With the VIKTOR Python package you are able to fully integrate and automate engineering and design processes. End-users will experience centralized operating of engineering software and data via a user-friendly interface.