Your helping hand in engineering processes

During your engineering processes, communication between your engineers and tools is key for an efficient workflow. Unfortunately, having everybody and everything work together to create the best design isn't always that easy. VIKTOR is the solution.

Automate the boring, engineer the awesome

VIKTOR automates calculations and simplifies the overview of processes according to your specific requirements. In VIKTOR you can adjust your design with just some simple button clicks. The parametric design of your process makes it easy to explore different variations rapidly.

Customised to your needs and process

The interfaces and features of VIKTOR are always developed specifically for and in close cooperation with our clients. By together mapping your process, we can ensure a smooth communication flow between your software and employees. This way VIKTOR will have a custom fit aligned with the in- and output of your engineering process.

Customisation options for VIKTOR

VIKTOR wants to fit perfectly in your workflow, so a wide variety of options are possible. You can always contact our experts if you are unsure about how your engineering process can be implemented in VIKTOR.